Editorial: Revolutionary Voices Emerging

The right decision isn’t always the easy one.

By Bridget Bright

We are 15 students from four different states and 14 different cities, all from varying cultures and backgrounds, who were brought together by the allure of the written word.

We have been assigned the topic of “Decisions”, one that we all relate to. When writing about decisions that vary from climate change to multimedia to sports medicine, we are learning about topics that have a valuable impact on our ever-changing society.

That is why we have decided to call our newspaper,  The Revolutionary.

Revolutionary is commonly described as something “radically new,” which pertains to us because we are the upcoming voices to this changing world, and we seek to spread the voices of all people around us.

Throughout history, revolutionaries were the people who made important changes in our nation, and that is what we are planning to do. Much of the media today has a gap in representing our generation’s voice, so as young writers we want to fill that void.

The decisions we make in our lives are important to us. They can bring change, security, personal understanding, and many others.

Decisions are much like revolutions in the sense that the impact they have will make a lasting impression on lives. We want our voices to have that lasting impression. We want our decisions to make a positive change. We are revolutionary. 


Tips From The Pros

Throughout the creation ofThe Revolutionary, the 15 NEHSJC student journalists

were mentored by professionals during the week. Here is what the pros had to say:

“Get it in your bones, in your blood. Write that concise story.”
— Amy Callahan

“When in doubt, leave it out!”
— Helen Smith

“In journalism, the currency of our trade is our ideas.”
— Alex Kingsbury

“Arm yourself with a good tool kit, be a good communicator and engage people.”
— Jason Johnson

“Three-quarters of the word ‘news’ is new.”
— Mike Donoghue

“Let them know everything they don’t know.”
— Michelle Johnson

“Don’t cut someone off. When you cut someone off, you ruin

their whole mindset and train of thought.”
—  Milton Valencia

“You need to be able to emotionally attach to a story, but detach when you head home.”
—  Alex Kingsbury

“Trust your instincts and do not be stampeded into writing something that your gut tells you is wrong.”
—  Frank Phillips

“Accuracy above all. I don’t care that you’re first, I care that you’re right.”
—  Alex Kingsbury

“Take your time and assume nothing.”
— Linda Matchan

“Always keep a pencil in the cold winter because your pen will freeze.”
—  Milton Valencia

“If you don’t have a good byline, you don’t have anything in journalism.”
— Milton Valencia

“Just because you wrote it down in your notebook doesn’t mean it is true.”
— Leah Lamson

“You should be experts in every story you write- even if you know nothing going in.” —  Mike Carraggi

“The beauty of talking to people is the spontaneous nature of their answers.”
— Mike Donoghue


Tristan Alston
Monument Mountain Regional High School

Maria Arias
Lynn English High School

Gabrielley Braga de Oliveira
Lowell High School

Bridget Bright
Melrose High School

James Coomey
Raymond High School

Coleshnie Corgelas
Brockton High School

Tenzin Dorjee
Malden High School

Greg Levinsky
Deering High School

John Lyons
Lin-Wood High School

Robbie Maher
Bellows Free Academy

Alyssa Raymond
Tantasqua Regional High School

Stephane Silva
Lowell High School

Rebecca Szlajen
Longmeadow High School

Sophia Tang
Boston Latin School

Cassidy Wang
Algonquin Regional High School


Baylee Wright
Syracuse University

Alex Paduch
Lyndon State

Nicole DeRosa
Regis College


Leah LamsonNEHSJC Managing Director

Milton Valencia
NEHSJC President The Boston Globe, Reporter

Christine Vo
NEHSJC Print Designer, TripAdvisor, Associate Creative Director

Michelle Johnson
NEHSJC Web Producer, Boston University, Professor, Journalism

Colleen Malachowski
Carole Remick Endowed Chair of Journalism Regis College


Paula Bouknight
The Boston Globe

Paul Makishima
The Boston Globe

Daniel Adams
The Boston Globe

Katie Johnston
The Boston Globe

Michael Bodley
The Boston Globe

Cristella Guerra
The Boston Globe

Mark Feeney
The Boston Globe


Bob Holmes
The Boston Globe, High School Sports Editor

Amy Callahan
Northern Essex Community College

Kathleen Kingsbury
The Boston Globe, Editor, Ideas section

Alex Kingsbury
The Boston Globe, Deputy Ideas section

Michael Workman
BostonGlobe.com, Digital Design Director

Heather Ciras
BostonGlobe.com, Features Producer

Andy Rosen
BostonGlobe.com, Metro Producer


Helen Smith
New England Scholastic Press Association, Executive Director

Mike Carraggi
Patch.com, Regional Manager

Mike Donoghue
Vermont Press Association, Executive Director

Jason Johnson
MBTA, Deputy Press Secretary

Linda Matchan
The Boston Globe, Reporter


The Carole Remick Foundation

The Boston Globe

Regis College

New England Newspaper and Press Association

Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate


Celebrating its 29th year, the New England High School Journalism Collaborative (NEHSJC) welcomes new students to the program. Over the course of a week, 15 students from high schools across New England have worked diligently to produce The Revolutionary. The program is sponsored by The Boston Globe, Regis College and the New England Newspaper and Press Association.