Closing the Gap, Getting all Voices Heard

July 1, 2016 mijohn 0

The next generation of Massachusetts voters is feeling the pressure of the upcoming election, especially with the issues they are facing with the registration process. Massachusetts, like many of the other states, is struggling to get voters to register and cast their vote. According to data from the state, in the March 1 presidential primary 4,271,835 people were registered to vote. But out of that number, not all voted.

Hitting the Books and the Polls

July 1, 2016 mijohn 0

This fall, young voters may be more concerned with their classes than the upcoming presidential election. The Campus Vote Project (CVP) is attempting to change that.

A Snap from the Past

July 1, 2016 mijohn 0

  By Sophia Tang Centuries-old artwork meet 21st-century humor in Snapchat photos and videos from three Boston-based museums. Last May, the Museum of Fine Arts, Read More

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