Boston Harbor’s Renewed Glory

Life and culture have returned to Boston Harbor where sailboats were docked on a recent day. (Photo by Shaniya Brown)

By Brianna Laffey

In the past 38 years, the Boston Harborfest has flourished thanks in part to the many improvements to the Harbor itself. Tourists have come from miles around to swim in the beaches and Harbor Seals have returned to the clean waters, according to the Boston Harbor Association.

“Boston’s waterfront is alive this summer  with, the art festivals, cultural attractions and of course the concerts,” said Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. “ Summer on the Waterfront is an innovative way for residents and visitors alike to interact with this exciting part of our city.” » Read more..

Big Dig: New Era of Transportation

MBTA Green Line train. (Adam E. Moreira/Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

By Emrah Fejzic and Bryan Guzman

From its conception 30 years ago, the Big Dig project was as ambitious as it was costly. It not only altered the flow of traffic, but also changed the face of Boston. Planning began in 1982 but construction did not start until a decade later. » Read more..

Minorities Seeing Representation

By Fiona Mwariama

As the national minority population has soared over the last 25 years the Black and Latino community has expanded its social and political influence.

Massachusetts has also grown increasingly diverse in the past two decades. Reflecting the trend, in 2006 the state elected its first black governor – Deval Patrick. In 2009 the city of Newton elected its first black mayor – Setti Warren. Boston has evolved form a predominantly Irish city to a multiethnic community. » Read more..

Technology Drives Change

(Courtesy Creative Commons)

By Amanda Hayes

In today’s world, people are rarely seen without an iPhone in one hand and a tablet, e-reader or digital camera in the other.

The average teen sent and received 3,417 text messages each month in the third quarter of 2011, according to data from FunMobility Inc, a company that tracks statistical data. According to analysts, it is likely this number will rapidly grow every day.

Over the past 25 years, culture and technology – such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites – have joined to mold the social habits of young people. From this, there has been a revolution of new inventions in technology and social media that has caused major challenges to traditional business like the newspaper industry. » Read more..