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The Endeavor staff, 2014.

The Endeavor staff, 2014.

The city of Boston and the NEHSJC class of 2014 have one thing in common: we are both in the midst of an endeavor to become successful. The Endeavor encompasses this by showing our passion for journalism by reporting on the developing city that we reside in.

Boston is currently undergoing a period of rapid development throughout all regions of the city. From the incorporation of modern trends in eating to the changing ways of public transportation, this city is working to achieve a goal of becoming a modern environment that has pride in the past and plans for the future. The transformation of this city is not an easy task, and it has and will take many years to be completed. Such a process is exactly what The Endeavor looks to highlight. From the challenges facing the city’s goals to the heights and rewards that the inhabitants of city life get to enjoy; the journey of the Hub is quite the endeavor to take on.

As aspiring journalists, we the reporters of The Endeavor are exemplifying our own version of working towards a goal by taking our passion for journalism and making improvements in our own future as reporters. As we explore Boston’s developing city-life, we are improving on our efforts to reach goals that may seem implausible. We are just beginning our journey towards reaching our future as reporters, and writing for The Endeavor is a leap toward ultimate success.

NEHSJC 2014 Endeavor Reporters

Aaron Robinson
Lowell High School

Allana Barefield
Lynn English High School

Andre Ragel
Lowell High School

Ava Sargent
Auburn High School

Baylee Wright
Saugus High School

Isabelle DeSisto
Boston Latin School

John Simonini
Revere High School

Jordan Gauthier
Lowell High School

Kamilla Mercado
Margarita Muñiz Academy

Katherine Barnes
Chelsea High School

Mabel Tejada
West Roxbury High School

Marcos Hernandez
John D. O’Bryant High School

Ming Ying
Boston Latin School

Quinn Breen
Lowell High School

Roxana Martinez
Chelsea High School

Sylvie Stoloff
Boston Latin School

Tia DiSalvo
Saugus High School

Resident Advisors

Paige Yurek, Regis College

Rodrigo Saavedra, Clark University

Professional Staff

Jason Johnson, The Duluth News Tribune, Reporter, Newspaper Manager

Milton Valencia, The Boston Globe, Reporter, NEHSJC Director

Design & Production

Christine Vo, Print Edition

Michelle Johnson, Assoc. Professor, Journalism, Boston University, Web Production

Guest Speakers

Ruth Weiner, Retired High School English Teacher and Freelance Writer

Helen Smith, New England Scholastic Press Association Executive Director

Zack Wittman, The Boston Globe, Photographer

Catherine Cloutier, The Boston Globe Digital Producer and Data Producer

Stephen A. Kurkjian, The Boston Globe Senior Editor and Reporter

Bob Holmes, The Boston Globe High School Sports Editor

Christine Casatelli, The Boston Globe, Manager of News in Education

Eric Moskowitz, The Boston Globe, Reporter

Mike Bello, The Boston Globe, Editor

Kyle Alspach, The Boston Globe Reporter

Writing Coaches

Mike Carraggi, The Boston Globe

Paula Bouknight, The Boston Globe

Erin Ailworth, The Boston Globe

Special Thanks

The Carole Remick Foundation

Regis College

The Boston Globe