The Lighthouse: Class of 2013

When asked to characterize a lighthouse, most people would describe the bright light guiding ships to shore. Here at the NEHSJC, we decided to name this year’s publication after the lighthouse, a timeless piece of sea lore that has led ships safely home for centuries.

With the changes in news mediums in recent years, it is important to work not only in print, but in online formats, often including video, audio and visuals all tied into one story. The Lighthouse encompasses this new age in journalism, diversifying the way news is delivered. Containing it in a controlled stream of facts at the same time is critical; similar to the way the broad swath of light from a lighthouse is contained in a single beam.

In addition to the light itself, lighthouses must be strong to endure the harsh coastal weather they encounter year round. An informed populace is the backbone of a strong society, and The Lighthouse aims to keep citizens well-versed. A society that ignores what is happening around it is one that is doomed to fail.

The Lighthouse staff is comprised of a group of young people that hope to keep the world informed for decades to come, whether it’s through writing, photography, or appearing on a broadcast news program. The world of the media may be changing, but there will always be news. In fact, there is more news and more ways to report it than ever before, ensuring the mission of The Lighthouse will continue long past its publication.

To read our work, visit The Lighthouse

Robert TemplehofRobert Templehof

Robert Templehof, 17, pursues many interests, including playing piano, reading Poe, and acting. Robert was recently introduced to the intense world of newspaper writing, but this senior doesn’t let this unfamiliarity intimidate him. Robert prefers the flexibility of feature stories. He is also the president of his school’s drama club.

Rachael BavaroRachael Bavaro

Rachael Bavaro, 17, an upcoming Senior, has a friendly personality, loves animals, and gets along with people. She loves English, has a passion for film-producing, and wants to major in communication. Rachael’s dream school is Arcadia University. One thing that has changed her is Camp RYLA, a Rotary Youth Leadership Award camp.

Nireida PontesNireida Pontes

Nireida Pontes is a go-getter. This 17-year-old rising senior at Boston International has a brag sheet most adults can’t claim. Along with being a published author, she is fluent in four languages and pursuing a career in journalism or pediatrics. Any office she enters will appreciate her humor and good nature.

Mike SkerrettMike Skerrett

Mike Skerrett, 17, joined NEHSJC because as the editor-in-chief of Boston Latin School’s newspaper, he is constantly trying to expand his editorial skills. He aspires to become a well-known and respected comedian. To see more of the magic behind Mike check out his YouTube channel Immikeskerrett.

Laura KenneyLaura Kenney

Laura Kenney, a 16-year-old rising junior, has an adventurous soul and is a perfect example of creative artists of her generation. Her passion for writing has led her to become involved in the Tauntonian newspaper. Her passion for creative writing has her picking up a pen whenever she can.

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson,18 was born in Boston, and she has always been interested in reading books and poetry. Her favorite writer is Alice Walker, author of “The Color Purple.” Jessica graduated from Taunton High School and will major in Communication in the fall at Quinnipiac University.

Jaimee GossJaimee Goss

Jaimee Goss is a motivated student. An incoming senior at Fitchburg High School, her first love is taking pictures. Writing is her second. In school, she excels in English. Whether Jaimee ends up taking pictures of the latest story or writes articles, she will be successful.

Jailene PazJailene Paz

Jailene Paz, a 17-year-old rising senior at Chelsea High School of Puerto Rican and Salvadoran ancestry, enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family. She also loves cheering on her teammates at track meets, and learning languages and cultures. Her dream is to travel the world and learn people’s stories.

Georgina AsaduGeorgina Asadu

Georgina Asadu, 17, lived in Ghana until seventh grade. She speaks English and Twi. Asadu writes for the newspaper as a rising senior at Burncoat High School in Worcester. “I got into journalism this year and I want to be a good writer,” said Asadu. She also loves biology.

Emmanuel DolinEmmanuel Dolin

Emmanuel Dolin, 19, is an aspiring writer born in Port au Prince, Haiti. He loves the arts, music by Rihanna, and dramatic movies and books with his favorite book being the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. He is currently working on his own fantasy fiction novel.

Cynthia NguyenCynthia Nguyen

Cynthia Nguyen, an impending senior, is a very personable and studious individual who enjoys a good laugh. An aspiring pharmacist, Cynthia also enjoys capturing memories with photography. A youth group in which she participates has made her outgoing and has made an everlasting, positive impact on her life.

Alice XiaoAlice Xiao

Alice Xiao loves to read and write. A rising senior at Boston Latin School, she has visited countries around the world and learned their native languages. Her favorite book as a kid was Howl’s Moving Castle. She can’t wait to go to college away from Massachusetts.

Alex PaduchAlex Paduch

Five days out of the week you will find Alex Paduch playing the drums. The Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr is Alex’s biggest influence. Alex, a Middleboro High graduate, loves to play soccer and to write. He has been accepted into Lyndon State College for broadcast journalism starting in the fall.