Founded in 1987, the New England High School Journalism Collaborative (NEHSJC) has introduced hundreds of high school students to the field of journalism, through workshops and programs that let students work directly with professional reporters, photographers and editors from area newspapers. The workshop was co-founded and directed by the late Carole Remick, who once declared, “Regardless of color, creed, or nationality, this program will continue to serve as a platform for students from urban communities so that all different cultures will be represented in the media.”

2016 Summer Workshop – Application deadline extended until 3/1

Are you a high school student looking to learn more about journalism? Join us for an all-expense paid, week-long summer program in Boston this summer! The perfect opportunity for students who want to learn more about writing, photography, and design. What will you get out of it? • Learn to report, write, and edit for a newspaper • Produce multimedia… Read more →

Class of 2015

Zephyr: Class of 2015

We’re a group of 15 kids, who all have a passion for journalism. We are the NEHSJC Class of 2015. The theme of the program this year is Trendsetters, and we appropriately titled our paper Zephyr, which derives from Greek and means “a light wind.” Trendsetters bring newness to the table – wind, or a breath of fresh air. We, as the Zephyr staff,… Read more →

Class of 2014

The Endeavor: Class of 2014

The city of Boston and the NEHSJC class of 2014 have one thing in common: we are both in the midst of an endeavor to become successful. The Endeavor encompasses this by showing our passion for journalism by reporting on the developing city that we reside in. Boston is currently undergoing a period of rapid development throughout all regions of the city.… Read more →


The Lighthouse: Class of 2013

When asked to characterize a lighthouse, most people would describe the bright light guiding ships to shore. Here at the NEHSJC, we decided to name this year’s publication after the lighthouse, a timeless piece of sea lore that has led ships safely home for centuries. With the changes in news mediums in recent years, it is important to work not only in print, but in… Read more →