Introducing the 2020 publication, The Vanguard

And, it’s a wrap. The first-ever virtual New England High School Journalism Collaborative program ended today with a virtual “banquet” complete with awards, including a $2,500 scholarship in the name of the program’s founder, Carole Remick. Congrats to all of the students, mentors, and my fellow board members who keep this program alive in Carole’s memory. (Yeah, I’m looking at you Paula… Read more →

The Catalyst: Class of 2019

The group that created The Catalyst consists of 18 talented individuals with many differences; from heritage, to religion, to hometown. But, there is one thing we all have in common: passion. For many, passion can mean different things. But to us, passion is the force that drives us to advocate for our beliefs and to speak our truths to the… Read more →

Remembering Alex Paduch

The NEHSJC community is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Alex Paduch, a 2013 graduate of our June program. Alex was one of our brightest students, among our proudest alumni, and our closest friends. He has returned over the last two years to mentor fellow students as a residential assistant. He was also studying broadcast journalism at Lyndon… Read more →

Class of 2015

Zephyr: Class of 2015

We’re a group of 15 kids, who all have a passion for journalism. We are the NEHSJC Class of 2015. The theme of the program this year is Trendsetters, and we appropriately titled our paper Zephyr, which derives from Greek and means “a light wind.” Trendsetters bring newness to the table – wind, or a breath of fresh air. We, as the Zephyr staff,… Read more →

Class of 2014

The Endeavor: Class of 2014

The city of Boston and the NEHSJC class of 2014 have one thing in common: we are both in the midst of an endeavor to become successful. The Endeavor encompasses this by showing our passion for journalism by reporting on the developing city that we reside in. Boston is currently undergoing a period of rapid development throughout all regions of the city.… Read more →

The Lighthouse: Class of 2013

When asked to characterize a lighthouse, most people would describe the bright light guiding ships to shore. Here at the NEHSJC, we decided to name this year’s publication after the lighthouse, a timeless piece of sea lore that has led ships safely home for centuries. With the changes in news mediums in recent years, it is important to work not only in print, but in… Read more →

Celebrating 25 years

By Rodrigo Saavedra, ’12, and Paige Yurek, ’12 (June 2012) Twenty-five years ago, UMass Boston English professor Carole Remick helped found the New England High School Journalism Collaborative (NEHSJC), a non-profit program for high-school students seeking to further their writing skills and acquire journalism experience. Aspiring students had many opportunities opened thanks to the lead of Remick and the support… Read more →

Remembering Carole Remick

By Meredith Patterson, ’12 (June 2012) All who have passed through the New England High School Journalism Collaborative (NEHSJC) have been given more than just the opportunity to work with professional journalists and exposure to the industry. They have been fortunate to have been graced by a woman of the highest caliber. Carole Remick — who died last year at… Read more →

The Quarterly: Class of 2012

Over the course of a week, 17 students from 11 different high schools across New England have worked rigorously to produce The Quarterly. During the course of the New England High School Journalism Collaborative (NEHSJC), we have worked with writing coaches and editors and learned skills from lectures about today’s world and how it affects us. Celebrating its 25th year,… Read more →